We are a collective based in New York City.

We have been creating electronic music events in different

venues around the world since our foundation in 2008.

We strive to reflect our creative vision in everything that we do,

from our music to our graphic art to our eclectic team.

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Sheik ‘N’ Beik is a mechanism filtered from the electronic ether, generating euphoric
sediment in all willing hosts with whom it comes in contact, Sheik ‘N’ Beik’s multi
faceted sonic and visual creations operate in communal, sensory driven fields where
our engineers act as gatekeepers for such transcendental experiences. These fields
form spontaneously and globally while Sheik ‘N’ Beik’s fixed, amorphous node pulsates
in NYC. As our growth cycle continues and we reach higher levels of consciousness we
also act as a biosphere offering a nurturing habitat where our engineers are free to
bask under the dome of our mind expanding experiment.


Sheik ‘N’ Beik’s past and upcoming events.



Sheik ‘N’ Beik finds artists from around the globe in entrancing unique places.

Our DJ collective reflects the talent we discovered along our journey.

News & Press
  • JEM’s Daisy Cutter Celebrates the History of the Bronx. In Techno Form

    JEM’s Daisy Cutter Celebrates the History of the Bronx. In Techno Form

    There’s a high concept to these releases from Sheik ‘N’ Beik, as each release is meant to celebrate and, one would guess, evoke the “diversity and history of New York and its boroughs.”

    JEM’s Daisy Cutter is the one dedicated to The Bronx, but I didn’t even notice that. Daisy Cutter is one of the most slickly produced experimentally inclined records I’ve heard in all of 2018. I’ve gotten lost in the tweaky techno of the title track, which for me evokes not The Bronx but 500 W. Cermak in Chicago and a DJ named Hyperactive blowing up a bunch of teenagers’ fragile little minds. There is a groove buried in here that is fucking irresistible: the various FX and clicks and psycho echoes do not obscure but are draped across like the finest ornaments. “Neb” is a fascinating journey into the kind of far-flung territories where Hieroglyphic Being frequently travels. The B-Side is wide open: an acid churn and layered beats hang over another dangerously addictive groove on “Semiotic” and the wall-eyed trippiness of “Temple.” I feel like a former junkie or cult member explaining the temptations and allure that lead to their self-destruction when describing this beautiful dose of music. The devil’s in these beats.

    Source: 5chicago.com

  • Daisy Cutter Promo Mix

    Daisy Cutter Promo Mix



  • Rechulski and Jungle 51 at Okeechobee Music Festival

    Rechulski and Jungle 51 at Okeechobee Music Festival

  • Floatcast #025 with Vagara

    Floatcast #025 with Vagara

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