About Quarantena

QUARANTENA is a label that started thanks to the collaboration between artists Cirillo and Mass Prod.

Carlo Andrea Raggi, aka Cirillo, is one of the best representatives of the Italian techno sound. Cirillo is also a successful producer. His releases and remixes have traveled around the world thanks to the multiplicity of the musical genres of his productions: techno, progressive trance, acid and house. His individual productions are known as well as the famous musical collaborations he has taken part in.

Massprod is a musical project focused on electronic dance music, mainly performed thru dj sets and live acts. Raw drums and futuristic, out-of-space harmonics are the sound signature, a never-ending research on how to push the dance floor experience a bit further, somewhere else, someplace new.

The combination of these two different styles give life to a hypnotic ‘well done!’ project influenced by an 80’s golden age and a catchy and current disco.

They immediately took part at Sonar Barcelona and the Circoloco parties in Ibiza with a great crowd feedback.