Sheik ‘N’ Beik Vs. Outer + Bang Tidy

Its been a while since we have been in Miami, and we couldn’t simply show up, so we partnered up with a very special group of people. To start we have a Out-er. We have a long history with this Italian lot. We have collaborated, in the past in New York, Barcelona, Ibiza and Italy. This time we meet again under a different sun. We are also joining forces with Nomad. The event production collective is bringing the D.C. vibe along with its energy. Overzealous that we are,we want to keep you with us from beginning to end, thats why we have Bang Tidy showcasing its fashion vendors from 12pm to 8am. To further encourage your early attendance we will have free admission from 12pm to 2pm. We understand not everyone will want to come so early, just make sure to get your pre-sale tickets before they fly out!


Valentino Kanzyani
Anthony Collins
Orlando Voorn
Jubilee DC
Simone Gatto
Nando Arcieri


photo credit cream hotel+dbs