Daisy Cutter Promo Mix

To celebrate the release of his debut EP on Sheik N Beik, JEM has put together a mix, showcasing his love of the more energetic end of the techno spectrum. Blending old and new, the mix takes in classics from Jeff Mills and Joey Beltram with more modern takes on the genre from Tenebre and Noncompliant. Following the Daisy Cutter EP on Sheik N Beik, JEM will release a track with Dan Curtin’s Metamorphic Recordings over the summer also.

D’Marc Cantu – Long Weekend (M/O/S)
Jeff Mills – Where’s My Rabbit (Purpose Maker)
Don Williams – Beyond the Means (14th Floor)
John Heckle – JV Ride (Super Rhythm Trax)
El Prevost Ft D-Ham (Carl Michael Go With it Mix) (Novo Bop)
Olin – 2D Rhythm (Argot)
Tenebre – Axe Nord Sud (WNCL)
JB3 – Lose Kick (Nova Mute)
Surgeon – Badger Bite (Downwards)
Jeff Mills – 4 Art (Axis)
Noncompliant – More Howl, Less Keening (Valance)
David Goldberg – Part Bells (SVS)
Mono box – Realm 02 (Substance Mix) (Logistics)
Silent Servant – Dissociation (L.I.E.S.)
LA-4A – Dialup (Delft)