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NYC’s Sheik ‘N’ Beik kicks off with this first release by Derek Marin, inspired by time spent in the European techno institution that is Berghain. “You Can Never Go Home” pulsates with all the electricity, hedonism and narcosis associated with the club. Percolating, Villalobos-friendly beats, droning metallic synthlines, dark atmospheres and a stay-up-for-ever attitude make this a sure fire stable in cities who’s licensing laws allow for 5+ hour DJ sets. On the flip “You Can Hear Your Own Heartbeat” follows a similar sonic ley line through post-4AM bliss. This is the kind of afterhours / next day vibe which Villalobos does love to play. Completely understated and almost lacking in energy, its repetitive rhythms and minimalist composition play tricks with the mind and body when you’ve exhausted all other recesses of power in the nervous system, allowing the track to carry you to places unrestrained and free

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